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Travel to the west coast to cater a wedding in a beautiful place? Yes please.

When Dana and Tanner contacted us and asked if we would travel as far as Ucluelet, I gave them a resounding (and probably a little too eager) YES! I love travelling out of town to cater events, it gives us a chance to pretend we're taking...

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Celebrating Elizabeth and Shayne – August 5, 6 and 7

[gallery ids="50601,50600,50602,50603,50604,50596,50594,50593,50595,50592,50599,50598"] Very often our couples don’t live in the Comox Valley, and the organizing of the wedding falls largely to family and friends who reside here. In the case of Elizabeth and Shayne, Elizabeth’s parents, Carole and Brian took on the role of wedding planners.  From...

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elegant bbq buffet

The Buffet Blog: All You Can Read

The word buffet can conjure up negative images of cafeteria-style food - homogenous and sometimes unidentifiable brown foods that may have started out crispy, but have long since softened from self-steaming. Buffet has also become synonymous with the term ‘all you can eat’. Let’s set the record straight –...

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