Tria Fine Catering & Gourmet Eats | Philosophy
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Beauty in the details

A Catering Philosophy

Giving you our best every time

Tria Fine Catering is a Vancouver Island caterer in the Comox Valley offering full catering services for weddings, corporate events, galas, and private parties. Tria was founded in 2009 in the beautiful Comox Valley by Chef Kathy Jerritt. The business has grown steadily to fulfill the demand for a professional caterer with a focus on quality, taste, fresh and local.

Tria, from the Latin for ‘three’, has three core values:

1.  Collaboration.  At Tria, we believe collaborating with other businesses, non-profit organizations, producers, farmers and individuals helps to build a strong working relationship within the community.  All organizations and groups have something amazing to contribute and we believe that working together helps to create something better, something greater than the sum of all its parts.

We strive to work with organizations that share in this approach and we’ve seen first-hand that collaboration with like-minded groups allows for spectacular things.

2.  Thoughtfulness. The team at Tria includes passionate and inspired individuals who work diligently to create exceptional food for our customers that is not only delicious, but prepared with mindful care and attention. We are committed to supporting local growers, farmers and producers as often as we can.

We visit the farms, we know the growers and we know how much work goes into what they do.  This close relationship has a dramatic influence on how we care for the food that comes through our door.  When we’ve exhausted local resource options, we try to source as close to home as possible.

What we learn about food from our local growers translates into how we care for all food, whether it’s from a place we know and love or from afar.  This care and thoughtfulness shines through in our final creations.

3.  Integrity. We are absolute in our dedication to creating and producing delicious food and we are driven to ensure that every customer and guest feels their every need is being met.